Senior Stylist
Megan South

Megan South

Destiny is how you describe Megan's journey to being a Senior Stylist at Bentleys. That's because, ever since she was nine, she has been fascinated with hair and would spend hours styling her own hair and anyone else that would let her.

Since beginning her career in 2009, Megan has developed the enviable skill of being able to easily understand what a client is describing they want and then translating that into a beautiful result.

"Getting to know the client well, and understanding them, is the key to being able to do that because they don't always know the best way to describe what they are wanting."

It is making the client happy that makes Megan happy and her ability to connect with the client that is central achieving client satisfaction. Megan's clients find her easy to understand and enjoy having her work on making them look beautiful.

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