Senior Stylist
Danny Tan

Danny Tan

People who have the quality of congeniality have a gift for getting along with others. They are warm, friendly, and probably well-suited to service roles. With Danny being awarded Bentleys Congeniality Award, it is no surprise that meeting a new client is something that Danny enjoys about being a Hairdresser.

"It is exciting to work with a new clients and gain their confidence and trust. I find it very rewarding and it helps us both create a beautiful style that is perfect for them."

Danny was inspired to become a Hairdresser by Warren Beatty who played a Beverly Hills hairdresser in the move 1975 Movie Shampoo. Yet even though Danny has been a Hairdresser for over 30 years, he loves the 'always learning' environment that Bentleys offers

"Being at Bentleys has really polished my skills. I still learn more and more everyday and I attend training at least three times a year. It refreshes me and gives me energy that I bring back to my clients. I just love making them look beautiful and enjoy watching their face in the mirror as they admire their style."